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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Event Venue

by Tiffany Locke

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When planning an event, there are a million different questions that are thrown your way. One of the biggest to tackle is where you will be holding your event because in order to answer it you need to have the answers to so many other questions. To help you on your way to answering a few of these questions and choosing your venue, we have made a little list of things to consider while making your decision.

1. Size

When asking questions on size the first thing that comes to mind is how many people can the venue accommodate. If you plan on having 50 people at your event, you might want your venue to be able to hold seventy. If you plan on having 300, you might want the capacity to be 350-400.

What a lot of people miss when thinking about venue size has less to do with capacity and more to do with the physical size of the venue. These two things might seem synonymous, but the aren’t. It is important to ask questions like, how tight will the seating be? Will your guests be able to move freely through the venue space without any uncomfortable hindrances on their movement? How big does the space feel? Is it cozy and comfortable? Is it open and spacious? Two venues with the exact same max capacity might feel entirely differently based on room layout.

It is also important to consider any size accommodations that will be necessary for your event specifically. For example, if you wish to hire a juggler, are the ceilings high enough to allow the act to thrive?

If you ask these questions when considering size, you will be on your way to ensuring perfect comfort at your event.

2. Cost

When planning an event, staying in budget is always one of the biggest concerns, so cost is obviously a factor when choosing your venue. Consider the time of year and the day of your event when planning for cost. One of the biggest ways to lower the price of a venue is to have your event on a day that is less sought after than others. You should also be aware of any additional services a venue offers, but we’ll touch on that later.

3. Location

The main thing to consider when it comes to the location of your event is how easily your average event attendee will be able to reach it. If most of your event guests will be “in-town” guests, then holding the event in close proximity to their homes or offices makes sense. Whereas, if most attendees are visiting from out of town, choosing a venue near the airport or bus station is more practical. The key to venue location is limiting the hassle your guests will have to face while traveling to your event.

4. Additional Services

Do you want to hire your own caterer or do you want the venue to handle it? Do you have all of the equipment you need for your event or will you need the venue to supply it? Does the venue have its own setup/cleanup crew or will you need to hire someone to take care of it? All of these questions should be asked before you choose your event venue and should also be considered when looking at cost. If one venue can take care of 5 things you would have to handle otherwise, it might be worth spending a little extra money on.

5. Mood/Ambiance

Perhaps the least technical (but by no means least important) aspect of a venue to consider is how well it matches the mood or ambiance you wish to establish. If you are hosting a Fundraiser Gala, you probably want a venue that has an extravagantly fancy feel to it. If you are throwing a company (family) party, you are going to want your venue to be less formal and more fun. Think hard about the message you are trying to send to your event guests and how you can get it across with the environment you choose for your event.

Working with the new owner and staff at The Melody Event Center has been a great experience, and I know several other friends have had or attended events here over the years with nothing but positive things to say.
If you’re looking for a classic/historic venue for your wedding, rehearsal dinner, corporate event or charity function… this is a great place!


I’ve been to three events in the Melody thus far and for every one the building is looking beautiful and well maintained. bathrooms are always in working order, no concerns over maintenance anywhere. It’s a beautiful building, perfect for and adaptable to so many events. I look forward to going to many more events here.


The only times I’ve ever been to the Melody are the annual Vampire’s Masquerade Ball hosted by Lady Raven. Every year the venue outdoes itself with decor, lighting, performances, and bar selections.
The ballroom lends itself perfectly to a night of dark romance with big columns, high ceilings, and just enough space to make the masses comfortable.
I would love to recreate the looks I have seen for the Masquerade ball for a wedding.Haven’t been disappointed yet, and you better believe I’ll be
ack next year, and the year after!


We went to Melody Ballroom for some ping pong action after our nephew was rejected at Pips and Bounce even during under age hours. Melody was a fun atmosphere with some pro ping pong players. Little kids were even pros. It was great to watch and play. The service was so friendly…finally…just the way I heard Portland people to be. Was kind of losing hope in that rumor but Melody helped bring it back. Portland people can be friendly. We had a blast playing ping pong! Thanks Melody Ballroom! Leaving Portland today with some ping pong memories!


The melody ballroom was an amazing space to have a reception. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. It went so well, and we didn’t have anything go wrong! Dinner was talked about for days/weeks after, and Kevin was so amazing! He kept in contact with us a lot, and he made sure our big day was perfect! We were in the lower ballroom. Beautiful, funky, fun, and all around great! Wouldn’t have done it any other way. 🙂


We chose this venue for my daughter’s 15th and it was perfect, the staff was incredible. My event was magical I would highly recommend it..

Esme A.

Melanie K

Great place, nice people!
I wish to come back there some day!

Catalina N.

Had a great evening at the North by Northeast Community Health Clinic fundraiser. Staff was great, food great. The whole experience was so flawless. I would certainly consider them for a large event!


HANDS DOWN THE BEST EXPERIENCE WE EVER HAD! We were first introduced to Erin as the wedding coordinator back in Spring 2014 & really enjoyed her company and professionalism. We had a long 15-month engagement and was later introduced to Kevin who took over for Erin a few months into the planning process. We were actually quite nervous about this hand-off, but it was surprisingly seamless & painless.

Kate B.

We had our High School 45th reunion downstairs at the Melody Ballroom. Our event was successful. The food was awesome, Kevin at the Melody was so helpful. I would recommend this venue in a heartbeat.

Debbie B.